Bank transfer

Beneficiary Association Against Illegal Animal Trade and for the Protection of Wildlife
IBAN CH44 0021 9219 1014 5840 F

Use of funds

The funds of the association were needed in a first phase for the construction of the animal shelter. For this purpose the following activities were necessary:

  • Construction of a small surgery with space for examination, triage and treatment of wild animals and an integrated space for quarantine.
  • Construction of accommodation for keepers and guardians
  • Construction of aviaries and cages
  • Installation of a security system
  • Construction of a parking lot and access road
  • Construction of sanitary facilities

Donations are still needed to purchase furniture and a transport vehicle, as well as to cover the running costs of the operation, such as animal food, compensation for the technical manager, local veterinarian, etc.

We thank all donors who support our project against animal cruelty and continue to work hard for our common goal.

Our donor association is based in Switzerland and is therefore subject to Swiss law, so there is no risk of misuse and misappropriation of funds. Corruption is unfortunately a widespread problem in Brazil and our current financial structure guarantees that donations are used directly for the goals set out in our association statutes.

Donations are tax exempt in Switzerland.

Annual reports (in German)