Céline, the Collar Pecary

The little orphan came to us shortly after Christmas 2013. The umbilical cord was still hanging from his abdominal wall.

Newborn collared peccary Céline,

It stayed six months with us and developed into a magnificent female. Unfortunately, we were not able to release this animal into the rain-forest again, because it became much too attached to humans and could no longer survive in the wild. It would have run in front of a poacher’s shotgun. So we drove 800 km south to the Grammado Zoo, which offered optimal conditions for the tame animal: two hectares of land and many other animals of the Atlantic Rainforest, including two other peccaries. There, the female peccary continues to live peacefully.


Source: Martine Schmid-Fiorini

The animal grows up with humans

On the way to the Grammado Zoo

Pekari 7 Céline unterwegs zum Gramadozoo

The zoo vet greets the tame female peccary.

Pékari 8 Céline mit dem Zootierarzt des Gramadozoos