A Threatened Paradise

Iporanga is a small isolated community with about 4'300 inhabitants, located in the Ribeira Valley, in the middle of the Atlantic rain-forest. The village is surrounded by a large nature reserve, which is only about 5-6 hours by car from São Paulo. But the Ribeira Valley - located in the states of São Paulo and Paraná - is the poorest and most under-developed region of these two otherwise well developed states. On the other hand, the area is rich in natural resources. It is home to the largest contiguous area of Atlantic rain-forest left in Brazil, and the municipality of Iporanga is home to an important conservation unit: The National Park PETAR (Parque Estadual Turistico do Alto Ribeira) .

Das Dorf Iporanga

The Atlantic rain-forest, its flora and fauna, are unique in the world. As a coastal rain-forest, it has a very high biodiversity. But: the Atlantic rain-forest is highly threatened. Of the once approximately 1,290,000 km² (15 percent of the area of Brazil), only 7% remain today). The rest has been deforested, and of the remaining part, three quarters are still highly endangered. The Atlantic rain-forest is therefore one of the most endangered primeval forests of all. Strict protection is required (see also “Background of the project").

Photos from paradise

The majestic Ribeira River, lots of rain …

Der Rio ribeira

… and countless crystal clear inflow rivers

Ein Paradis In der Nähe von Iporanga

… are the basis for this unique and rich eco system