Trainings and Eco-Tourism

The new care and release facility allows for species-appropriate and professional care of animals until the time of their release. But we want more. With our aid project we wish to help educate the population, who, for lack of knowledge of alternatives, are plundering and destroying the protected flora and fauna. Our target audience is environmentally conscious and progressive Brazilians, children and young people. Together with local schools, our Brazilian staff and Reserva Betary employees organize lectures about the abundance of species in the area and the safguarding and needs of wild animals. We want to convey the idea of animal conservation to the local population and direct the focus of future generations away from poaching to care and preserve your natural treasures. The Atlantic Rainforest - especially in the Ribeira Valley - is home to many attractive sights that are ideal for soft eco-tourism. Not far from Iporanga, for example, there is a stalactite cave system in the Reserva PETAR that is home to thousands of bats and is accessible via adventure trails. The short distance by Brazilian standards from Sao Paulo to Iporanga (only a 5-6 hour drive) is another plus.