A Broad Field of Animal Care

Our Brazilian team of Associação Celine, Iporanga, takes care of a wide range of wild animals. The joy everyone feels at the release of each healed animal is enormous and a strong motivation for the future.


The environmental police brings injured animals to the station, even in Corona times

A peccary freshet

An injured rattlesnake

Colibri feeding

Feeding an injured striped owl

Psittacidae Care (Parrots)

Coruja-mocho-diabo (black-banded owl)

Injured common buzzard

Lizards and reptiles

The highly endangered tiger cat

Injured marbled heron


Dogs are also mistreated

And we even take care of abandoned horses, but they, like other farm animals and pets, are not taken care of at the center

This old and overworked horse was abandoned by the owner on a jungle road, half dead of thirst. In spite of immediate care, the animal unfortunately could not recover from the severy drudgery.